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Sunday, 20-Sep-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eid 2009

some of my family members (yg lain sibuk mkn)
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Eid Mubarak everyone...

This year is extra special to us as it is the first celebration with our darling son. We had a wonderful celebration (in KL this year), xtvt beraya boleh dirumuskan kepada makan+posing+makan lagik:). More pics in my FB.

Maaf Zahir & Batin - Azizan, Monina, Ashman

Saturday, 14-Mar-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nany's wedding

ashman baring atas bantal m.yam
dijamu ketam weh...
with m.yam's family
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We went to Ipoh to attend our best friend's wedding, nany. 1st time bawak ashman jln2 outside of KL.

Dengan kesempatan waktu yang ada, we manage to visit mak yam's family @ taiping. Then jln2 at padang polo Ipoh mkn laksa di kala hujan renyai and later the next day visited the historic Tree of Democracy before proceed to the wedding.

We all sampai serentak dengan pengantin. Terus makan - very delicious food. Manage to meet a few of my old badger friends - ciklynn and aida. Ashman being a good boy, tak meragam even weather is quite hot. Congratulations to Nany & haizat!!!! Enjoy the shower of love and happiness of having each other!!!

Thursday, 18-Dec-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Muhammad Ashman Ehsan

I'm almost out
dah keluar!!!
my first day at home
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The year 2008 ended with us blessed with a healthy baby boy, which we named Muhammad Ashman Ehsan. He was delivered at Ampang Puteri Hospital through c-sect, coz he was at frank breech position. Alhamdulilah the operation went well.

Tak tunggu habis pantang pun dah start bawak dia jalan merata rata sebab mummy nyer dah boring giler dok rumah hehe . Everything has been wonderful so far. He only cries when he's hungry or wants to be cuddle. Minum susu every 2 or 3 hours. Memula mummy & daddy nak get used bangun malam tu seksa gak. Skang dah okay la. Suka sangat tidur berkepit & didukung, perhaps because he's breastfeed. Next week dah kena start hantar nursery. Hopefully okay la tempat tu.

Here are some pics of him! (cute giler kan his tiny little feet!)

Saturday, 15-Mar-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wedding 2008

anuat berdebar...
like father like son
jeng jeng jeng
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It almost at the end of year 2008 and I've realised I have not been updating this fp for a long time due to many reasons (sakit, ofis baru tak boley access fp, etc). Anyway, before the year end, sempat lagik laa aku upload these two weddings I've attended this year. Better late than never rite.

The first wedding was our best friend, Anuar Yusri a.k.a Anuat on 15th March 08. Kitorang tak dapat pi yang dkt Kuala Nerang punya coz I have exams so pergi the akad nikah and reception at bride side @ Melaka. Jijan ada tugas khas: bayar duit tol (tapi duit anuat la hehe..). Congratulations to the couple. A lot has happened to the couple since the wedding; anuat's father (ada gambo dlm nie) passed away unexpectedly during syawal hari tu. Takziah friend. However, the couple baru dpt baby boy a few days ago yeayy (memang bunting pelamin nie hihihi...) Congratulations!!

The 2nd wedding was also our best friend, Faiq & Jeehan on 9th Aug 08. Coz I dah sihat waktu tu, manage to attend both weddings at Klang and Ipoh. Kenduri @ Klang gotong royong so memang meriah giler sampai ke malam with roti canai booth, karaoke, etc. Jumpa fauzani yang muka dah jadik mcm afdlin shauki (last jumpe masa form 3 dulu). Kat Ipoh plak jumpa K.I yang dah lama gak tak jumpa. Bila sampai rumah pengantin, Faiq tak sampai pun lagik...amboi yeop dah seminggu dok Klang tak reti2 nak blk hehe...Memandangkan aku dah boley mkn waktu tu, punya lah byk aku melantak sbb ada tempoyak & ulam .

Congratulations again to both couples. May happiness be with you in your journey together

Sunday, 10-Feb-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Day 9: Tamu Gaya

kuda laut!
segala macam jenis tongkat
me window shopping;)
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I purposely extended our holiday so I can go to tamu gaya which was held every sunday. Jalan kaki jer from hotel based on the map on the brochure. The tamu was very interesting! They sell all these unique things like kuda laut and sarang semut (see the pics!). Definitely bukan mcm pasar dekat semenanjung. Extra meriah jugak haritu sebab Chinese New Year so banyak lion-dance.

Got myself a few souvenirs . We left for KL in the evening... a really rejuvenating hols!

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